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Introducing KitchenPro Food Ready Alert System, your ultimate solution for instant food ready alerts in restaurant kitchens. Seamlessly streamline your kitchen operations with our innovative system, designed to provide real-time notifications when dishes are ready for pickup by your waitstaff or food pickup team.


Key Features:


  • Instant Notifications: With KitchenPro Food Ready Alert System, chefs can effortlessly send notifications to waiters or food pickup staff the moment dishes are prepared, ensuring prompt service and delivery to your customers' tables.


  • Effortless Integration: Our Food Ready Alert System seamlessly integrates into your existing kitchen setup, allowing chefs to communicate directly with waiters or food pickup staff with just a few clicks, reducing wait times and improving efficiency.


  • Customizable Alerts: Tailor the alerts to fit your restaurant's unique needs, whether it's specifying different types of dishes or assigning alerts to specific sections of your kitchen for efficient coordination between chefs and waitstaff.


  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate smooth collaboration between chefs and waitstaff by providing them with instant communication tools, ensuring that every dish is served promptly and at its freshest.


  • Improved Customer Experience: Deliver exceptional service by ensuring that every order is promptly communicated from the kitchen to the waitstaff or food pickup team, resulting in satisfied customers and positive reviews.


Invest in KitchenPro Food Ready Alert System today and experience the difference it can make in your restaurant's efficiency, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Operations with KitchenPro Food Ready Alert System : Instant Food Ready Alerts for Restaurants.


Order Now and Elevate Your Kitchen's Operations!


Keypad Transmitter Specifications:


Size: 155*110*52mm

Keypad Dimension: 152*96*31mm

Decoding: Infrared pair code

Color : Black

Transmission Distance:100-300 meters

Keyboard Type: IP32, with lithium battery

Frequency: 433.92mhz

Plug: AU, EU, UK, US standard plug

Food Ready Alert System

₹10,500.00 Regular Price
₹8,500.00Sale Price
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