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Wireless Kitchen Calling System for Seamless Restaurant Operations


Product Description: Elevate your restaurant's efficiency with our cutting-edge Wireless Kitchen Calling System, now available at Revolutionize your kitchen-to-waitstaff communication and ensure timely delivery of mouthwatering dishes to your customers.


Key Features:


  • Instant Notifications: The moment your culinary masterpiece is ready, our intuitive Kitchen Calling System ensures that the chef can swiftly notify the waitstaff with a press of the keyboard transmitter.


  • Waiter Receivers: Equipped with advanced receiver devices, your waitstaff will receive real-time calling information, allowing them to promptly attend to the prepared orders.


  • Effortless Operation: Our user-friendly Kitchen Calling System requires minimal training. The chef's transmitter seamlessly integrates with the waiter's receiver, making the entire process smooth and efficient.


  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By reducing wait times, your customers will enjoy a more satisfying dining experience. Say goodbye to delays and ensure each dish reaches the table at its peak freshness.


  • Customizable Solutions: Tailor the Kitchen Calling System to your restaurant's unique needs. Whether you run a bustling café or an upscale dining establishment, our kitchen calling system adapts to your workflow.



  • Streamline Operations: Eliminate the chaos and confusion in your kitchen, creating a harmonious workflow for your culinary team and waitstaff.
  • Increase Table Turnover: With quicker service, you can accommodate more guests, leading to increased revenue for your restaurant.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Deliver a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression by serving hot, delicious meals promptly.


Invest in Success: Upgrade your restaurant's efficiency today with our Wireless Kitchen Calling System. Embrace the future of seamless communication in the heart of your kitchen.



Order Now and Experience the Difference!



Keyboard Transmitter Size: 160*115*80mm

Display:4 digits

Power:Be equipped with 110-220V adapter

Frequency:433.92MHZ or 315MHZ

Transmission power: 500mw

Transmitter Distance:100 meters(open area)

Color: Black

Materia:ABS plastic

Plug: AU, EU, UK, US standard plug

Kitchen Calling System

chat dine bell solution

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