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Introducing our state-of-the-art Wireless Waiter Calling Button For Waiter Call System – the perfect solution for streamlining service in your restaurant. Elevate your establishment's efficiency with this innovative device that allows customers to effortlessly summon staff with a simple press of the button. Designed to integrate seamlessly into any waiter calling system, our Waiter Calling Button ensures a prompt and hassle-free dining experience. No more waving down servers – let your guests enjoy a discreet and efficient way to request assistance. The compact and user-friendly design makes installation a breeze, guaranteeing a quick and effective enhancement to your restaurant's service. Upgrade your customer service standards today with our Wireless Waiter Calling Button and witness the positive impact on customer satisfaction. Order now to bring a new level of convenience to your restaurant patrons!


Waiter Calling button frequency:433MHz

Modulation mode: ASK (AM)

Decoding: learning code

Working current:17mA

Power:12V/23A battery (included)

Emission Distance:100m (open area)

Size:60 X 60 X 20 mm

Colors: white red, white blue, white green, black green, black blue, black red

Waiter Calling Button For Wireless Waiter Call System

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